The Africultures Festival is an annual festival showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Africa. The celebration is a one-day event that’s held in Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, NSW Australia. The diverse program for the day includes, African cuisine, Dance, Music, Fashion, Sports Tournament and Kids Zone. Our aim is to bridge the cultural gap and awareness of Africans in Australia.


Africultures Festival

The festival is organised by a dedicated African-Australian committee.

Africultures began as a small community festival in 2009. It provides an opportunity for the wider Australian community to increase their understanding and knowledge of traditional and cultural facets from the African continent. The festival invites all communities to actively participate in the event and increase their network to the African community. Through Africultures Festival, African and non-African communities have an opportunity to engage with each other, promoting links with the local businesses, organisations and service providers.

Bridge the gap between Africans and Australians by providing an entertaining, informative, safe, festive and family event. Celebrating both cultures through music, art, crafts, dance and food.


Celebrate Culture


Build Community

  • Provide an entertaining, informative, safe and festive event
  • Bridging the gap between Africans and Australians by celebrating African music, art, crafts, dance and food
  • Strengthen relationships between the local communities, the wider community, business leaders and African community through better cultural awareness programs and events
  • To stimulate and provide channels for individuals, groups and skill based participants to develop cultural and community services in Australia.
  • Promote and support community based cultural projects and events where communities create positive influence and participation to the African community in Australia
  • Stimulate and provide opportunities for community development programs with a focus on cultural projects that have tangible social, community and artistic development outcomes