• Food stalls at the 2018 Africultures Festival are available for hire to approved stallholders selling African food.
    The cost to hire a food stall (or to hire a space to put your own stall) is $500 (inc gst) per stall or space.
    Commercial food stalls will pay an additional $110 for Cumberland Council’s Food Inspection Fee. The $110 will be paid directly to Council.
    This price is relevant for all food suppliers, and includes the cost of the stall, electricity, hand wash basins and shared cool room facilities. Stalls for hire are 2.4 x 2.4m with flooring, walls and bench tops.
    All food stallholders MUST provide a current Public Liability Insurance certificate and Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. Any stallholders bringing their own stall must comply with all regulations.
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  • Power will only be supplied for items listed here.
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    Please upload your certificate of Public Liability Insurance
  • I understand that:
    1. Africultures Festival is a community festival that aims to showcase the rich cultural diversity and heritage of the African continent. Africultures Festival reserves the right to decline any stall which does not align with festival objectives.
    2. All food must be from the African continent. Any sales of food, drinks such as juices, ice blocks and so forth, must apply under this category.
    3. Food stalls will include 2.4m x 2.4m stall with flooring, bench tops and walls; 2 chairs, access to power, shared hand wash station and cool room, Council food safety inspection fees.
    4. Stall applications close 20 December 2017. Late applications will be charged and additional $50 stall fee.
    5. All fees must be paid to Africultures Festival, PO Box 1007, Auburn NSW 1835 within 14 days of receiving your invoice to reserve your position at the event.
    6. The Africultures Festival Committee's decision on stall selection and location is final.
    7. The stallholder agrees to comply with the Food Handling Guidelines For Temporary Events.
    8. All stall holders MUST hold a current Food Safety Certificate. To acquire one, register on http://foodsafetycourse.eventbrite.com.au.
    9. All food stalls must comply with the NSW Food Safety Standards and Regulations. Inspections will be carried out by Cumberland Council's Environment Health Officer throughout the event.
    10. All goods proposed for sale by the stallholder must be identified and communicated to Africultures Festival in writing. The Committee reserves the right to ask the Stallholder to withdraw any item/s from sale.
    11. The 2018 Africultures Festival will take place rain, hail or shine. The event will not be cancelled due to inclement weather and no refunds will be given.
    12. All stallholders must hold current Public Liability Insurance (minimum of $10 million covering the stall site activities and products) and Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. A copy of both must be submitted with a completed application form. It is the responsibility of all stallholders to arrange Public Liability Insurance to cover any claim related the activities of stallholders.
    13. The stallholder must ensure that all food and beverages are prepared and stored in a clean and hygienic manner and that all tools and utensils used to prepare and serve food and beverages are clean and hygienic. Any cooking equipment and other equipment required for the preparation, storage and sale of goods must be provided by the stallholder.
    14. The stallholder must ensure that appropriate fire safety equipment including fire extinguishers and fire blankets are available for the duration of the event.
    15. All beverages sold MUST be in containers other than glass. The sale of alcohol is not permitted at this event.
    16. The Stallholder understands and agrees that the Africultures Festival Committee has the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any stallholder who misrepresents themselves or their product.
    17. The Stallholder will be solely responsible for, and bear all risk associated with, the collection of money at the Festival and the transfer of money to and from the Festival site.
    18. The Africultures Festival Committee encourages environmentally sustainable practices. The Hirer must ensure that all waste is removed at the completion of the event and disposed of correctly.
    19. The Stallholder is responsible for ensuring that all merchandise, packaging and equipment is kept within the Stallholder's allocated area and that this area is kept clean and tidy at all times throughout the Festival.
    20. The Africultures Festival Committee encourages environmentally sustainable practices. The Hirer must ensure that all waste is removed at the completion of the event and disposed of correctly.
    21. All directions given by Africultures Festival Committee must be complied with. Failure to follow directions could lead to immediate exclusion from the 2018 Africultures Festival.
    22. Stallholders may not bring their vehicles into the Festival site area at any time during the event other than times designated for loading in and out. Set up is from 7am - 9am and pack up from 6.30pm only. Parking is not provided onsite.
    23. Stallholders must abide by the set up and pack down rules as stipulated by Africultures Festival Committee
    Dress Code: African dress and colours are encouraged for the day
  • AGREEMENT: By signing this I confirm I have read the Conditions and Guidelines for the Sale of Goods and will comply with the stated requirements.
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