Performers  Public and Product Liability

Individual performers earning under $150k need a minimum of $20m Cover. Below is a list of activities and pricing for different categories within the preforming realm. Please see below link for a detailed version on Performers Insurance  
Limit of Liability Revised Premium
Category 1 (Tuition/Workshop   Cover included)Actors/Acting,   Astrologers, Baton Twirling, Bingo Callers, Bubble Blowing, Caricatures,   Cartoonists, Characters, Comedians, Comperes, Costumed Characters, Escape   Artists, Hula Hoop, Impersonators, Magicians, Marching, Marriage Celebrants,   MC’s, Mime, Poets, Promotional Boy/Girl, Public Speakers, Puppetry, Race   Callers, Spruikers, Statues, Stilt Walkers, Storytellers, Theatre Performers,   Trivia Hosts, TV Presenters, Unicycling/Trick Cycling $140
Category 2 (Tuition/Workshop   Cover included)Acrobats,   Aerial Performers, Balloon Sculpting, Burlesque Artist, Clairvoyant, Clowns,   Dancers, DJ’s/Video DJ’s, Face & Body Painters, Juggling – Non Dangerous   Goods – balls etc, Karaoke, Musicians/Singers, Pavement Art, Physical   Theatre, Plate Spinning, Roller Skating, Tarot Card Reader, Temporary Tattoos $170
Category 3 (Performance   Risk Only, Tuition/Workshop Cover excluded)Acts   including animals & birds, Angle Grinding Acts, Bed of Nails, Boomerang   Throwing, Broken Glass Acts, Chainsaw Acts, Children’s Party Hosts including   clowns/characters etc, Cooking Demonstrations, Fire Acts and any act that   uses fire, Juggling – involving dangerous goods   i.e. bowling balls, chainsaws etc, Knife Throwing, Own Body Piercing, Sword   Swallowing, Whip-cracking $280