Africultures 2021 has introduced an internship program thats ready to take Africultures by storm. The Young, Skilled and Creative team is made up of promising young African Australians that are passionate about Africultures and everything the festival has to offer. 

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Graphic and web designer

From: Somalia/
Occupation:Graphic Designer

Jama is a promising student full of creativity and ambition who landed the graphic designer role at Africultures“My lovely mother had inspired me to take up the role” he said.


“This was perfect because it would be the first time I can express my passion through graphics and web design.”


“I hope to expand my skill-set and gain more experience and I feel Africultures is the perfect place for that.”


Jama is also a 3D artist. His favourite African dish is Suqaar Iyo Canjeero which is a type of sautéed meat with a flat kind of bread.

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Web designer

From: Ethiopia
Occupation: Student

As an aspiring software engineer, Moses is trying to break into the tech world and is doing so whilst fulfilling his dream of helping the African community. As the tech artist at Africultures this year, he was inspired to take on the role because of the way the organisation brings together Africans living in Australia. 


“Africultures works to showcase the African culture, which i am very happy to be apart of,” Muse said ..


His favourite African dish is a famous Ethiopian dish called “Kitfo”, which is minced beef spiced with “mitmita” and a local butter called “Kibbeh”. Muse is hoping to build a solid foundation that will prepare him for a future career in his field.



From: Ethiopia
Occupation: Student

Ruth is a passionate photographer who has been involved with Africultures for many years before landing a role as a photography intern this year. She has been involved in running stalls with her family, but she has always wanted to be a part of the team that highlights what the festival is all about.


Her favorite African food is “Firfir” which is from her birth country, Ethiopia

“I hope to meet and work with other amazing young African-Australian creatives to put a spotlight on Africultures,”she said.

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From: Kenya
Occupation: Student

Kanye is a driven, aspiring journalist. Having dreamt of an opportunity for years to work in journalism, Kanye is now leading communications at Africultures. His dad has been involved in Africultures before and was the one that told him about this role.

“I am ready to explore journalism and see what it has to offer. I am very excited by the opportunities that come with this role and keen to see where it takes me,” he said.

His favourite African food is mandazi which is a form of fried bread that originated on the coast of Swahili.

“I am relishing this role. I look forward to speaking to people involved in Africultures and giving them a platform.” 

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