Introducing the Young, Skilled & Creative team for Africultures 2021


Our communications lead Kanye interviewed some of the interns about their roles at Africultures, favourite foods and reflections. 


Jama is a promising student full of creativity and ambition who landed the graphic designer role at Africultures through the encouragement of his mother.

“This was perfect because it would be the first time I can express my passion through graphics and web design.”

“I hope to expand my skill-set and gain more experience and I feel Africultures is the perfect place for that.” 

When reflecting on being raised in Australia with a Somalian heritage, Jama highlights how being able to comprehend the difference in both enhances day-to-day interactions. 

“The culture I practice at home is very different but being blessed with a multicultural environment is important to maintain a strong and diverse society”. 

His favourite African dish is Suqaar Iyo Canjeero, which is a type of sautéed meat with a flat kind of bread.

As lead graphic designer for Africultures 2021, Jama’s work will be showcased across Africultures communication channels and at the festival. 



“As an aspiring software engineer, Moses hopes to break into the tech world while fulfilling his dream of helping the African community. As the web designer at Africultures this year, he was inspired to take on the role because of the way the organisation brings together Africans living in Australia. 

“Africultures work to showcase African culture, which I’m very happy to be a part of,” Moses said.

Moses says being exposed to two different cultures has helped shape his perspectives on life.

“The great thing about being raised in two cultures is that you get exposed to many different beliefs and worldviews which allows you to consider different perspectives. It helps you appreciate life.”

His favourite African dish is a famous Ethiopian dish called “Kitfo”, which is minced beef spiced with “mitmita” and a local butter called “Kibbeh”. Moses is hoping to build a solid foundation that will prepare him for a future career in this field.

When reflecting on the Sydney lockdowns in 2021, Moses addressed the transition for his community who are reliant on social gatherings and get togethers.

 “Social gatherings are an integral part of life for the Ethiopian community. They’ve gone from this to communicating with friends and family via zoom and phone calls which has been a change”. 

The Young, Skilled & Creative webpage has been authored by Moses.    


Ruth is a passionate photographer who has been involved with Africultures for many years before landing a role as a photography intern this year. She has been involved in running stalls with her family, but she has always wanted to be a part of the Africultures team. 

“I hope to meet and work with other amazing young African-Australian creatives to put a spotlight on Africultures,” she said.

Ruth has grown up surrounded by Ethiopian and Australian culture. 

“I feel my culture allows me to have multiple perspectives on life. I can express myself through both cultures; I am able to share my Ethiopian culture with the wider community here which is also a privilege, but also share Australian culture when I go back home.” 

Her favourite African food is “Firfir” which is from her birth country, Ethiopia.

With Sydney in lockdown during 2021 she’s grateful for technology which allowed her to communicate with people in Australia and back home.

“Thanks to technology, we’ve been able to communicate with smaller communities here in Australia, but also back home in Ethiopia.”

“Although we can’t celebrate certain cultural celebrations or birthdays, the extra effort to try and communicate and celebrate via zoom and phone calls, regardless of the heavy restrictions in western Sydney allowed us to stay strong and get through this time.”

As photography lead for Africultures 2021, Ruth has been key in photography selection and editing for all our channels. 


Kanye is a driven, journalism graduate with an aspiration of working as a journalist. After receiving encouragement from his father, a long-time supporter of Africultures, he landed the lead role in Communications for Africultures 2021. 

“I am ready to explore journalism and see what it has to offer. I am very excited by the opportunities that come with this role and keen to see where it takes me,” he said.


Born in Zambia and raised in England and Australia, Kanye has benefited from being able to understand the works of multiple cultures.

“I understand all three of my cultures well. My parents have instilled in me a lot from their own experiences in Zambia. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were born and raised in Zambia. I will always have Zambia in me.”

Kanye’s favourite African food is mandazi which is a form of fried bread that originated on the coast of Swahili.

While the Sydney lockdowns put a strain on his community and family, Kanye said exercise was one of the key ways of coping with restrictions. 

The Young, Skilled & Creative web page has been written by Kanye.